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we are sustainability

Creating a more sustainable world
is a common responsibility

In Sima we not only take care of the construction
and maintenance of gas stations, but we also have
a fleet of vehicles powered by natural gas

we are comfort


we are energy

At Sima we know that all the projects
you undertake in life, whether personal or in
business, require energy to function.

We bring you closer to the energy you need.

we are installers


we are maintenance

With time and use, facilities require checks and
maintenance in order to continue to provide a
service, comfort and to comply with regulations.

At Sima we ensure that everything
continues to function.

we are maintenance


we are industry

LNG is Liquefied Natural Gas.
It is installed in places that do not have access
to the network of gas ducts and it takes up 600 times less space.

we are innovation


Are you thinking about setting up your own business?

At Sima we bring energy to your projects.

Gas, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal solar energy or energy management are some of the needs that Sima can help you to cover at your business.



If you are dealing with a big industrial project that requires an efficient energy response, Sima offers you the best solution to ensure that your idea becomes a reality.

We will be delighted to bring energy to your project.

The consumption of photovoltaic energy in industry does not stop increasing due to its great capacity to adapt to all types of industries, without the need to influence processes or create incompatibilities, regardless of their sector of activity.

The Natural Gas Vehicle is increasingly used in our country.

Its efficiency and low cost, compared to other fuels, such as diesel or gasoline make it the perfect fuel. At Sima, we take care of the installation and maintenance of gas stations. Do not wait any longer and contact us.


LNG is Liquefied Natural Gas.

It is installed in places that do not have access to the network of gas ducts and that require a cheap, safe and sustainable fuel.

It is worth highlighting that in this manner the volume is 600 times less and transportation is easier.


With our maintenance contracts you can enjoy the tranquillity of having an advisory, maintenance and repair service in the best hands.


Do you have a big project you would like to get underway?

At Sima we provide everything from the project to the installation and supply of all of your energy requirements, including energymanagement that makes it possible to reduce costs and not waste energy.

In Sima we have a group of experts in canalization and civil engineering systems. We have specialized mechanisms to perform all our work dynamically and efficiently.

Some of our projects

SIMA Group

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